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Explore China taking one of our Xian tours and discover why this destination emerged as the axis on which China’s Silk Road turned for centuries. Located in Shaanxi Province, as the ancient capital of China during various dynasties, Xian is home to many treasures. Its commercial pedigree runs deep and continues to endure today. Under Tang dynasty rule (618-907), Xian flourished, and the remnants of that prosperity in Central Asian trade can be found today as you wander the city’s streets. In many ways, Xian has existed – and continues to – as a portal for new developments. While its role as the gateway to the Silk Road may have diminished, Xian continues to offer western travelers, and indeed travelers from all corners of the globe, the opportunity to dive into the cultural and commercial heart of the country.

Friendly, alive, and gorgeously adorned with red lanterns and city lights, Xian is unlike any other city in China. Located at the country’s heart, Xian reflects this in its people who are warm and welcoming. Xian does a beautiful job of balancing China’s old and new and melting pot of cultures, a skill perhaps mastered through history as an international point of trade.

Chinese Name: Xi an

Chinese Pinyin:  [ɕí.án]

English IPA:  /ˌʃˈɑːn/ 

Population: 12.005 million

Language: Mandarin 

Tel Code: 010

Zip Code: 710000

Time Zone: (UTC+8)

highlights in Xi’an

Terracotta Army

Be amazed by the marvel of the world-renowned Terracotta Army, developed as a tomb for the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, in 210 BC. This UNESCO site features 8,000 individual life-size warriors, horses and chariots believed to part of Emperor Qin’s army to protect him in the afterlife. The site was discovered by a local farmer in 1974.

Xi’an City Wall

Xian city has an interesting history. Over 1000 years ago it was the start of the famous Silk Road. Take this opportunity to explore the ancient Xian city wall enclosing the old capital and marvel at the largest and best-preserved city wall currently standing in China.

The Great Mosque

This is a great chance to visit the oldest and largest Islamic mosque in the country. The Great Mosque is a walled complex of five courtyards, with many walls carrying beautiful depictions of plants, birds, objects and text, in both Arabic and Chinese. Other religious temples of historical significance were known to have been situated in the same location.

Shaanxi History Museum

This museum is one of the first state museums in China with modern facilities to support the 370,000 items housed. Exhibits provide an overview of China from the pre-historic to 1840. Murals, paintings, pottery, coins, as well as bronze, gold and silver objects are displayed in a building reflecting the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Absorb the ancient culture, religion, architectural history and local activity of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The Pagoda was built in 652 during the Tang dynasty, to hold sutras and figurines of Buddha brought to China from India along the old Silk Road. Since then it has been rebuilt several times. Take a peaceful walk in the temple to see locals going about their daily activities.

Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square

The Bell Tower is located across square from the ‘sister building’ the Drum Tower. In ancient times, the drums were used to signal the running of time and to signal an emergency. The 24 drums in the north and south sides represent a weather calendar created by the ancients to guide agricultural production.

Xi’an Multi-Day Tours

Our multi-day Xian tours include two, three or four day tours, allowing you to explore more of Xian, stay overnight at Mount Hua, or combine your Xian tour with a Yangtze River cruise and any other ChinaTours.com tour in twenty destinations in China. The approach we’ve taken with our multi-day Xian tours is to showcase what’s beautiful, unique, and fascinating in and around the city itself. 

Xian – Chenlu Ancient Town + Yan’an 1N2D Tour

An easygoing two-day tour that commences with a drive from Xian to Chenlu Ancient town, the home of porcelain in China’s northwest. 

Xian Highlights 2N3D Tour

On this tour of Xian you are exposed to a memorable mix: the architectural, cultural and religious diversity of the start of the legendary Silk Road and amazing archeological finds.

Xian – Yan’an 1N2D Tour

Discover the way ancient and modern Chinese history blend and meld with natural and architectural wonders in Shaanxi. Launch your tour from Xian and enjoy a road trip to …

Xian Express 1N2D Tour

On this tour of Xian you are exposed to a memorable mix: the architectural, cultural and religious diversity of the start of the legendary Silk Road and amazing archeological finds.

Xi’an Tours from Xi’an

We’ve collated a selection of China tours from Xian, proving that not every China tour starts in Beijing! Xian can proudly stand on its own as a destination of choice. Here are just some of the reasons why. It’s only one high-speed train ride from Chengdu, home to China’s national treasure, the giant panda. You can observe from a distance or get up close as a panda volunteer.

Xian + Yangtze River Cruise 5N6D Tour

On this tour prepare to be amazed by the sheer scale and complexity of ancient and modern Chinese engineering wonders as you explore re-discovered artifacts, experience the cultural diversity of the Great Mosque and cruise the pulsing life blood of China, the Yangtze River, with its spectacular scenery.

Xian + Chengdu 4N5D Panda Volunteer Tour

Looking for a snapshot of two iconic cities? You’ll experience it on this lively tour of Xian and Chengdu. While in Xian, spend time at the Terracotta Army and marvel at this artistic and architectural feat, which showcases Chinese planning and ingenuity.

Xian + Luoyang 4N5D Kungfu Tour

Take the travel warrior’s journey through China on this five-day tour during which you’ll visit Xian and Luoyang. There’s no doubt China’s history is characterized by the rise and fall of many dynasties and that warriors take pride of place in the country’s rich history. 

Xian + Mount Hua 3N4D Tour

On this tour of Xian and Mount Hua you are exposed to a memorable mix: the architectural, cultural and religious diversity of the start of the Silk Road, spectacular scenery and amazing archeological finds.

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