Pearl of the Orient” & the “Paris of the East”

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Shanghai really is unlike any other destination in China. Of course, you’ll find the rich history that is ubiquitous throughout all China, however, Shanghai’s unique appeal is found in the way the ancient entwines with the contemporary, a reflection of colonial conquest, commerce, and international influences. As far back as history is recorded, the magnificent Huangpu River has been the city’s life force, moving the vital goods of the day. Formerly opium, tea and silk, trade out of Shanghai is now more likely to reflect the pace and power of China’s ever advancing development in technology.

A thriving cosmopolitan city, Shanghai is not just a playground for Asia’s financial elite; it’s home to 24 million residents too. Humming and hustling every hour of the day, a Shanghai day tour – or three or four days in Shanghai – is the ideal way to start or wrap up one of our best China tour experiences. Skyscrapers, city precincts and culture abound, but in every way that’s different to elsewhere across the country. While the English and European populations in the city were always relatively small by comparison to the resident Shanghainese, their influence is still evident in architecture, lifestyle, and the way modern Shanghai continues to embrace influences from around the globe, while also casting its own unique cultural authority too.

Chinese Name: 上海
Chinese Pinyin: shàng hǎi
English IPA: /,ʃæŋ’haɪ/
Population: 25 million
Language: Mandarin & Shanghai Dialect
Tel Code: 021
Zip Code: 200000
Time Zone: (UTC+8)

highlights in shanghai

The Bund

Located in the Huangpu District of Shanghai on the bank of the Huangpu River, The Bund is one of the most impressive sights in Shanghai. View the famous Oriental Pearl Television Tower, the Jin Mao Tower and other buildings of historical significance by taking a stroll along this famous promenade.

Oriental Pearl Tower

As a vital landmark in Shanghai standing on the shore of Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl Tower is a great place to enjoy the panorama of this modern city and to have a wonderful time with excitement.

Shanghai Disneyland Park

Promising never ending magic, Shanghai Disneyland offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience. A theme park featuring attractions, entertainment, restaurants, rides, shops, and shows, you’ll be left wanting more long after the day’s adventure is over.

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan is a celebrated garden, originally constructed in 1559 as the private property of a local dignitary. Beautifully restored and maintained, the Yu Garden is a peaceful reprieve from Shanghai’s otherwise bustling pace.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

With eleven permanent exhibition galleries presenting different themes, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a place children will love exploring. Now considered one of Shanghai’s modern iconic landmarks, it’s been voted the second most popular museum in the Asia-Pacific region

Nanjing Road

Running west from the Bund, Nanjing Road is Shanghai’s foremost shopping street and is one of the world’s busiest shopping streets. The Shanghai equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue, Nanjing Road boasts retailers from all over the world. In the daylight, you’ll admire the graceful architecture of the surrounding buildings. At night, you’ll marvel at the illuminated logos and brand names that line the avenue.

shanghai Multi-Day Tours

The design team created these Shanghai multi-day tours for the traveler wanting a deeper insight into the many faces of Shanghai and surrounds. Quite literally, there is something for everyone, with the perfect blend of modern and ancient available to enjoy. Families can ride the wave of fun at Disneyland; lovers of history can uncover mysteries and intrigue from Shanghai’s glamorous past; while those with an appreciation of nature and its many gifts will enjoy time spent at Mount Huangshan. Ready for adventure? Let’s book yours today.


Shanghai City + Disneyland 3N4D Tour

Enjoy this Shanghai tour with a difference that incorporates historical and cultural highlights showcasing the best from the Pearl of the Orient. 

Classic Shanghai 2N3D Tour

On this fully guided three day adventure, you’ll be looked after by one of our enthusiastic bilingual local guides as you check off your Shanghai bucket list. 

Shanghai + Hangzhou Highlights 3N4D Tour

Experience Shanghai and Hangzhou on this four day tour that captures the highlights of these two cities. 

Shanghai + Suzhou + Tongli Treasures 4N5D Tour

Shanghai and Suzhou await on the this delightful four day tour. Commencing in Shanghai – the Pearl of the Orient, you’ll enjoy exploring the old world of this city with its commercial pedigree dating back centuries.

China Tours from Shanghai

See and experience more of China by combining a visit to Shanghai with time spent immersing yourself in other exciting destinations while you’re there. We’ve put our best tour design and insider knowledge to work and created this unique collection of China tours from Shanghai. Add Beijing, Xian, a Yangtze River cruise and more to your adventure or unleash your creative genius and design your own custom China tour from Shanghai with help from our team of dedicated travel consultants. We’d love to help design your next travel memory.

12 Days China Highlights Package

Savor the highlights of China on this 12 day adventure. Start your tour in Shanghai, China’s Pearl of the Orient. Discover why this fabulous city has been a thriving commercial and multicultural hub for centuries.

8 Days China Explorer

Travel to China is always an adventure, so why not take the time to explore its modern and ancient capitals on this eight day tour.With just about everything done on a grand scale, you can’t help but admire the sheer magnitude of historical…

7 Days Incredible Shanghai and Yangtze Cruise

Few countries can blend the ancient and modern in the way China can. What better way to absorb this diversity than by traveling to one of its great cities and meandering down its biggest river. All this is yours to discover in seven magical days. 

5 Days Best of Shanghai + Xian

 In just five days you’ll have the opportunity to soak up the vibrant city life of Shanghai, walk it’s contemporary and historical commercial precincts, learning just how much international commerce has made it great. 

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