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Bordering the world’s top 10 tallest peaks, Tibet is truly the roof of the world. Famous rivers, including the Yangtze, Yellow, Mekong, and Indus, all flow from Tibet. Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags hang everywhere, and beautiful mysterious monasteries sit on snowy mountains, beneath blue skies, beside crystal lakes.

Visit Tibet’s iconic landmarks with our tibet tours: 1300-year-old Lhasa and the Potala Palace. Go for an adventure with a bike on the Sino-Nepal highway. Do a holy kora around Mount Kailash. Pay a visit to Mt. Everest base camp, or go over the border to Kathmandu.

Best Tibet Tours

4 days Lhasa Impression Tour

This is one of our most popular tour packages in Tibet – visit the best landmarks in Lhasa and learn about authentic Tibetan culture. Airport/train station pick up.

14 days Beijing & Xi’an & Chengdu

Time to find the hidden hall and hidden stories in the Forbidden City and walk on the best-preserved section of the Great Wall. You will meet the Terracotta Army and make a mini warrior…

15 Days Kailash & Manasarovar Tour

For the most adventurous pilgrimage tour in Tibet, proactive service and professional team are crucial to your overall tour experience. Before you land in Lhasa, we’ve already had…

7 Days Tibet Discovery Tour by Train

Experience the new Tibet railway, the world’s highest railway line, and it might arguably be the most beautiful and intriguing among those of comparative lengths. 

8 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp (Small Group Tour) 

Journey through lofty Tibetan monasteries, pristine lakes, and glaciers and undulating Himalayan Range to the base camp of giant Mt. Everest; the 8-day tour from Lhasa to EBC is an adventure of a lifetime.

10 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp & Namtso Lake (Small Group Tour)

Push your limits to travel from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp (5,200m) and later make it to pristine Namtso Lake (4,718m) via boundless Northern pasture where legendary…

5 Days Lhasa Classics & Lake Yamdrok Tour

Utilize 5 days to experience the most essential Tibetan culture and explore the plateau scenery. You will visit the highlights of Lhasa’s attractions and have a lakeside picnic…

6 Days Travel to Sky Lake –
Lake Namtso

The 6-day Lhasa to Namtso tour is a perfect choice for you to soak up a unique Buddhist atmosphere and explore the life of hardy Tibetan nomads beside serene Namtso Lake…

Best Tibet Destinations

Lhasa (拉萨)

Lhasa is the capital, cultural center of
Tibet. It is usually the starting city of
Tibet trips.

Altitude: 3700m
Best Time: All year 
Recommended Days to Visit: 2~3 days

Shigatse (日喀则)

Shigatse is the second-largest city in Tibet. It is the gate to Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, and Nepal border.

Altitude: above 4000m
Best Time: All year 
Recommended Days to Visit: 1 day

Mount Everest (珠峰)

With a height of 8,848.13 meters (29,029 ft), Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

Altitude: above 4000m
Best Time: All year
Recommended Days to Visit: 1 day

Namtso Lake (纳木错)

Namtso Lake is one of the Three Holy Lakes in Tibet and the most beautiful lake in Tibet. It’s heavenly land for photography.

Altitude: 4718m
Best Time: May to October
Recommended Days to Visit: 1~2 days

Gyantse (江孜)

Gyantse is a small town with the most fertile farmland in Tibet. It is also a legendary and historical city.

Altitude: 4100m
Best Time: All year
Recommended Days to Visit: 1~2 days

Nyingchi (林芝)

Nyingchi has the most diverse landscapes in Tibet – plateau lakes, wild forests, glaciers, snow peaks…

Altitude: 3100m
Best Time: March to October
Recommended Days to Visit: 2~4 days

Shannan (山南)

Shannan created the first tribe, first kingdom, first palace, first Tibetan monastery in Tibet…

Altitude: 3700m
Best Time: All year 
Recommended Days to Visit: 2 days

Ngari (阿里)

Ngari is the most remote place in Tibet. It has the wildest landscape and culture of Tibet.

Altitude: Above 5000m
Best Time: May to October
Recommended Days to Visit: 3~5 days

Tibet Travel Guide

Tibet is such a spectacular place that there are too many things for you to explore. Getting well prepared is very necessary before visiting Tibet. You can learn basic knowledge about Tibet culture and history so that you will not be puzzled when visiting dazzling Tibetan monasteries. You should also acquire information about the best time to visit, how to get to Tibet, how to avoid high altitude sickness, etc. 

How to Plan a Tibet Trip?

Tibet is a uniquely spiritual place offering fabulous monasteries, breathtaking natural views, stunning high-altitude treks as well as one of the friendliest people. By visiting Tibet, you will not only appreciate a visual feast and but also experience a lifetime cultural encounter. Since Tibet is a huge land, you can’t see all of it in a single trip. There are some planning ideas for your reference and you can make an ideal tour according to your travel time and preference.

How to obtain Tibet Permit (Tibet Visa)?

According to regulations of Tibet Tourism Bureau, all travelers without Chinese passports must travel in Tibet with a travel agency and let the agency provide tour services and arrange essential Tibet travel permits. Tibet Travel Permit (often considered as Tibet Visa) is the most important travel document to be obtained in advance. It is a mandatory travel document for any Tibet tour, and indispensably needed when you take train, flight to Tibet from other cities in China, or get to Tibet from Nepal by overland driving or flight, even when you travel around Tibet. 

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

It is available to visit Tibet all-year-round because you can easily find different fun in a different season. The best time for Tibet travel ranges from April to October when you can savor more beautiful places with more comfortable weather. Other months are usually very cold and possibly have heavy snow, especially in regions like Mount Kailash and Namtso Lake, etc. Holy city Lhasa and its popular surroundings – Gyantse, Shigatse, Nyingchi, and Shannan are suitable to visit all the year-round. The golden time for traveling in August and September. If you want to skip the crowds, you can avoid visiting Chinese National Day in early October.

How to avoid high altitude sickness in Tibet?

High Altitude Sickness, also medically referred as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). It is a possible uncomfortable pathological reaction in high altitude regions where the air pressure is low and oxygen is thin.

You can acclimatize the high altitude sickness in a gradual process. The possible reactions differ by physical conditions. Usually, the symptoms of AMS are moderate.

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