Mount Everest

A glimpse of the world’s highest peak

Why Mount Everest? “Because it’s there”

With a height of 8,848.13 meters (29,029 ft), Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is located on the border between Nepal and China, 605km from Lhasa and 375km from Kathmandu with north face in Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and southern face in Solukhumbu District, Nepal. Today, Mount Everest has become one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world with diverse landscape and wonderful trekking routes. It’s a pride to be there. If you are an experienced hiker, you can enjoy a serious trek to EBC. If you prefer an energy-saving trip, you can directly drive to Rongbuk Monastery area where you can enjoy magnificent front views of Mount Everest.

Top Mount Everest Attractions

Mount Everest itself is a big attraction. While there are many small things and places you can explore after you getting to the mountain. The biggest highlight is to enjoy the fabulous natural wonder on the Mount Everest – white snow, glacier, sunrise, sunset, stars, flag clouds, etc. To explore the beauty of Mount Everest to the fullest, you have to go to two places on Mount Everest – Rongbuk Monastery and Everest Base Camp. There are the best locations to enjoy the landscape and take photos.

Mt. Everest

Mount Everest, also named Mount Qomolangma in Tibetan Language, is the highest mountain in the world. With an elevation of 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), it is also renowned as the Third Pole of the World. Located at the border of China and Nepal, central region of Himalaya Range, the north ridge (in China) of Everest in Tibet has a gentler slope than the south ridge in Nepal, therefore the north ridge route is more chosen by mountaineers. The main body of Mount Everest shapes like a giant pyramid, along with a large glacier stretching more than 26 km. It forms an amazing mountain waves together with other peaks around. 

Everest Base Camp

There are two Everest Base Camps, the north one in Tibet and the south one in Nepal. Generally, Everest Base Camp (EBC) refers to North Everest Base Camp because it is more chosen by tourists. With an altitude of 5,200 meters (17,060 feet) and a direct distance of 19km (62,335 feet) to the summit of Mt. Everest, Everest Base Camp in Tibet was originally built as a protective zone from pollution. At present, Everest Base Camp becomes the most desirable and reachable place for tourists to take a panoramic view of Mount Everest – the highest peak in the world. 

Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery is the highest temple in the world above sea level, with an altitude of about 4980 meters. Situated in the north side of Mt. Everest, it is a perfect site to view the highest Everest and stay overnight before head to the Everest Base Camp (EBC) with 8 km away. Endowing the ideal location, Rongbuk Monastery itself is also worth visit. As one of the Nyingmapa Sect monastery built in 1899, it houses both monks and nuns here, which is quite special and different from other temples. 

Useful Lhasa Travel Notes

1. How to Plan Mount Travel
1) choose a gateway to start your trip – Lhasa or Kathmandu. Currently travelers usually get to Lhasa first, then travel to Mount Everest. The road from Kathmandu to Mount Everest is not accessible because of earthquake. Travelers can take flights to Lhasa, then escort to Mount Everest. It needs about 2~3 days to travel to Mount Everest; 2) decide your travel length. Usually, the classic Mount Everest tour needs at least 8 days, including arrival and tour in Lhasa, sightseeing along the road to Mount Everest (Gyantse and Shigatse) and Mount Everest Visit. You can extend it to 12 days if you want to explore more places or take a trek.
2. Necessary Permits for Visiting Mount Everest Tibet Side
To take an adventure to Mount Everest, you must be aware that you will have to obtain several necessary permits. Otherwise, your Mount Everest dream couldn’t be accomplished. First of all, you have to have a valid passport and a valid Chinese visa, which is the precondition of any travel in China. With Chinese visa and passport, you can apply for the permits for Mount Everest – Tibet Travel Permit, Alien Travel Permit and Tibet Border Pass.
3. Acclimatize Yourself to High Altitudes of Mount Everest.
The high altitude is the biggest challenge when you visiting Mount Everest, even though in the Everest Base Camp where the altitude is 5200m. Rongbuk Monastery area, the place where the hotels are located in, also has an altitude around 5100m. You may suffer slightly from high altitude sickness in the arrival night but most travelers can make it through because the high altitude sickness can be acclimatized. That’s why you should spend some days in Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse for acclimatization. Your tour operator will also prepare oxygen supply for emergency use.
4. Packing and Wearing Ideas for Mount Everest
It is important to realize just how high and remote you are on Mount Everest. Keep warm and protect yourself from the harsh natural power is the biggest thing to concern. You are suggested to dress in layers (both thin and thick jackets). Down jacket is also recommended. A pair of gloves is also helpful for possible snow. You should also bring rain gears if you travel in July and August. The ultraviolet light is quite strong, so you have to bring sunglasses, snow glasses, hats, lip balm, sun block to protect yourself from sunburn.
If you want to have a trek on Mount Everest, you have to wear trekking shoes and clothing, and pack trekking and camping gears.

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